The superiority of Spanish football

The victory of Real Madrid against Liverpool in the Champions League final confirmed the dominance of the Spanish football clubs in the European competitions. Since 2014, Spanish clubs have won the 9 out of 10 European titles including five Champions League and four Europa League. As you can see in the following table, Manchester United is the only out-of-Spain club has won one European title in the last five seasons.

The superiority of Spanish football in the European competitions is exceptional. Thus, Football World tries to investigate the main reason behind this phenomenon.

Spanish clubs benefit from the financial growth of Premier League revenues

The financial profitability is the principal priority for the most of football clubs. Remarkably, the Championship final between Aston Villa and Fulham few hours before the Champions League final in Kiev, was characterised as the most lucrative match in the world. Fulham, the ‘lucky’ winner, earned £160m from this fixture. Additionally, if the club survives next year in Premier League, they will gain more £120m just for the survival. So, why British football clubs should fight to qualify in the next Champions League or Europa League. Just for the glory? When announces that a club can maximum gain 15.71€ million from Europa League, how a British football club will emphasise in this competition?

Football has been a ruthless business, and the romance has been eliminated from the world of football. Indeed, clubs such as Leeds United or Nottingham Forest cannot win the Champions League any more. We do not even think if there will be the ‘new Leicester’ to repeat the miracle of Ranieri’s team. Nowadays, the main goal of clubs including Fulham, Wigan, Watford etc. is the integration into the Premier League and then to survive as more as possible.

On the other hand, Spanish football is a different story…

Real Madrid is a financial giant and the most successful club in Europe. Barcelona has adopted the model of Johan Cruyff with young talents, and Pep Guardiola continued this method by creating one of the best teams in the history of football. Atletico Madrid under the instructions of Diego Simeone, acquired the Italian style of football which has led the club to memorable successes. Finally, Monchi, the sporting director of Sevilla for 17 years and one of the best in the world, led the club to five Europa League titles as well as he brought the financial prosperity in the club with several sales of young footballers. These four clubs have their own identity and they have focused on the development of their philosophy. The stability and the gradual progress of their management, academies and scouting method have led Spanish clubs to perform successfully  in Europe every season.

The revenues in Premier League for an incoming club are approximately nine times more from the participation in Champions League. Although Premier League and La Liga are the two most competitive leagues in Europe, the glamorous European competitions are more attractive for Spanish clubs rather than for British. Juventus lost easily against Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Champions League finals as well as Liverpool in Kiev. Marseille also defeated 3-0 in the Europa League final against Atletico Madrid because Spanish football has acquired the winning mentality both in clubs and national level. The in-depth development of Spanish academies has created a vast list of ‘football stars’ and the continuity of Spanish football seems impressive.


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