It is true that international football has its unique beauty. Different countries from all over the world, millions of fans, governments and politics compose international football. However, the road to reach a World Cup or Euro is a mess. Numerous qualifying matches between the season can lead to essential problems for most of the players. Injuries, tiredness and the lack of rhythm are important outcomes of such tournaments. The players do not rest at all during the season and the summer.

A notable example of this is the recent World Cup in Russia. France and Croatia were the two finalists. The final was on the 15th of July. In less than three weeks the players had to start playing football again, but now with their clubs. When will they be rested? How will they give their best in the next season, when they have not stopped playing games?

Look at the players who had a fantastic World Cup in the summer. How have they started the season? Varane, Umtiti, Pogba, Modric, Rakitic, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Kane etc. Numerous examples with the same result. Exhaustion. These players can elucidate the influence of international football for them.

Why is international football disastrous?

The key priority for FIFA must be the gradual minimisation of the qualifying rounds for World Cups and Euros. For example, what is happening now with the National League is ridiculous. “The boys, unfortunately, go away again now and have to play Nations League games – the most senseless competition in the world of football”, Jurgen Klopp claimed on

Footballers play two weeks (from September to November) with their clubs and one week with their national team. There is no time for the players to adopt from one competition to another. From their domestic leagues and cups to the Champions League or Europa League and then back again to the national team. Players are getting extremely tired from this phenomenon, and the results are more thoughtful: Retirement from the national team. Ozil, Silva, Pique, Iniesta, Robben and Mascherano are recent players who retired from their national team.

International Football teams
Mohammed Salah’s injury during the international break with Egypt

Most of the players choose the path of leaving their national team due to the unlimited matches of the season. Even if Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi they did not play in the friendly games of Portugal and Argentina these weeks.

The beauty of international football is the final stage of each tournament, not the qualifying rounds. If FIFA continues to pay much attention to the qualifying rounds, international football will be underestimated not only by the fans but from the players as well. International football affects the clubs’ results and performances during the season, and this phenomenon is not fair for football. The less qualifying rounds, the more beautiful football we will watch.


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