The World Cup 2018 is considered as one of the most unpredictable tournaments in football history. Most of the favourites teams plan to win the trophy for different reasons. However, this World Cup is not only a matter of the teams but also for various world-class players. As we discussed in a previous article Messi and Neymar are two players who aim to win the World Cup in Russia. This article tends to investigate a further couple of player for whom this tournament is vital.

Andres Iniesta: The last enthralling chapter in his career

Don Andres Iniesta as Catalans usually call him, represents one more time the Spanish national team in Russia. He admitted that he might not retire after the World Cup (see more).

“I don’t rule out continuing, but it is very difficult because I’ve always had a life related to Barcelona and the national team. Once it’s over, I will analyse everything and decide.”


Even if he will continue or not, this World Cup will undoubtedly be his last tournament with Spain. Iniesta is a legend for Spanish football, and in Russia, this legend will be met with his destiny.

Usually, everything in life is replaceable, especially in football where the development of skilful football players is overgrowing. But not in every occasion. Andres Iniesta is irreplaceable. A genius midfielder with charismatic dribbling and creative skills which all football fans are privileged to have watched him. He has also played a vital role in the revolution of Spanish football since 2008 as well as in the modernisation of ball possession and creativity. One of the most versatile midfielders in football history with multifaceted characteristics and athletic skills which have led him to create great assists and goals. Moreover, he is the hero of Spain with his crucial goal in the World Cup 2010 final against the Netherlands in extra-time.

Now, in his final tournament with Spain, he aims to lead the team in his second World Cup and finish his entire career as gloriously as he deserves. One of the ‘good boys’ of football who has received the admiration around the world, is looking for his last fantastic performance and write his history in the books of football.

Harry Kane: The beast with the golden opportunity

One of the most controversial topics in football tournaments is the national team of England. And the principal unanswered question is why do they consistently fail at major tournaments? The country with the most competitive league in the world, do not focus on the production of talented footballers to enhance the national team. There are multiple reasons for this situation in British football, but it is not the primary focus of this article. Harry Kane, the main striker and England’s superstar, is the chief player and the leader of the Three Lions in Russia.  

He considered as one of the best strikers in the world while his performance in Premier League is formidable in the last four years under the instructions of Mauricio Pochettino. Kane’s statistics reveal his contribution to the progress of Tottenham and the following image demonstrates why the ‘British beast’ is the most valuable football player in the world now.


His aim in Russia is to lead his national team in a successful tournament after many years, and he is capable of achieving it. He performs tremendously in Premier League. However, World Cup is a different story. You represent your country, millions of people are hanged by you, and you play against the best players in the world. The burden of responsibility is significant, but World Cup is for legends and brave footballers with heart and soul. Harry Kane is 24 years old, and he has already scored more than 100 goals in Premier League. He has the potential and the capabilities to be the leader of England in Russia. Now it is the right time for Kane to boost his career and lead England to ultimate success.

Andres Iniesta and Harry Kane. The last major tournament for the ‘Spanish magician’ and the first major tournament for the ‘British beast’. Two different stories and two different aims in Russia. Who is going to achieve his goal? The World Cup starts soon, and both players will answer us soon.


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