A brief overview of FIFA World Cup so far

Having watched the first games of all the national teams, it is clear that the World Cup in Russia has one special characteristic: unpredictability. Controversial performances by various national teams and players have led to the impossibility of predicting not only the winner but also the semi-finals.

Argentina: The utter catastrophe of Sampaoli’s tactics  

Argentina, for instance, is the major disappointment in Russia until now. Sampaoli’s team looks like an amateur team without a clear strategic plan, passion and desire to win this trophy. Messi is unable to lead his country to the glory due to this chaos that Argentina presents on the pitch. After the defeat against Croatia, there were numerous quarrels in Argentina’s dressing room among Mascherano, Caballero and Pavon which demonstrate the atmosphere in the Argentina dressing rooms. The tactical approach of Sampaoli as well as his inability to suit Messi, Dybala, Aguero and Higuain harmoniously are the critical factors of Argentina’s humiliation against Croatia. However, Albiceleste has the last chance against Nigeria to reverse its position and qualify in the knockout stage.

Can Lionel Messi, at last, transcend himself and give the opportunity to Argentina to claim the World Cup? Sooner or later the results will be revealed.

Portugal: Everything is hanging on a thin line

The European Champions in 2016 started the World Cup with four points in two games against Spain and Morocco. Another magical moment for Cristiano Ronaldo against Morocco gave a vital win in Portugal and increased the chances to continue in the knockout stage. However, tomorrow’s game against Iran is the ‘first final’ for the team of Fernando Santos and Cristiano Ronaldo. Because if Portugal loses from Iran, then they will be out of the World Cup. Even if this is not possible, Portugal does not play attractive football in Russia. Cristiano Ronaldo with his excellent performances and goals leads the national team, but Portugal is based exclusively on Ronaldo’s ability to score goals and on the defensive style of Fernando Santos. And if this strategy was successful two years ago, in the World Cup against the best teams in the world, your possibilities to succeed in are minimised significantly. Tomorrow is a crucial match for Portugal, and we will see the physical mentality of the team and then is the real World Cup for Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal.

Portugal Vs Morocco

How possible is it for Portugal to continue far away in this World Cup?

Germany: In the end, they always win

Once more, the most well-known quote from Gary Lineker about the Germans was confirmed yesterday at the Fisht Olympic Stadium. The spectacular free-kick from Toni Kroos in the 95th minute of the game, not only increased the possibilities of Germany to qualify in the next round, but they are favourites to achieve this now. No one can clarify how they do this. From hell to paradise in no time. Even if they will play static football with no creativity in the attacking line, and if Boateng was suspended in the 81st minute of the game, the Germans found the way to win.

And now everything is changing in the World Cup. This goal from Kroos can complicate the entire process of the World Cup, because whether Germany will be qualified from the 2nd place on its group, then they may face Brazil in the next knockout stage. So, the repetition of the semi-final in 2014 is very close now, and one of the favourites will be out very soon.

Now, Germany has the psychological advantage, and nobody can claim when they will stop.

Can we expect better results from them?

The World Cup is moving rapidly, and every match is pivotal for the continuity of this tournament. Argentina, Portugal and Germany now face different problems on the field, but their goal is the same: To reach the final of the World Cup. Indisputably their performances so far are disappointing. However, they are three of the best national teams in the history of football. Thus, football fans should wait for a dramatic reversal of their results. The 3rd fixture of the group stage will finalise the couples in the next stage and how this World Cup will be continued.