The World Cup 2018 in Russia is on the way to begin, and several national teams are favourites to be the winner. Football World focuses on the two giants of South America, Argentina and Brazil, and why both national teams aim to win the World Cup in Russia.

Lionel Messi: Everything is hanging on a thin line

Messi has been regarded as one of the best, or the best, players in the history of football due to his unique and ingenious talent as well as his incredible goals and statistics. His performance to Barcelona FC in the last thirteen years is exceptionally significant because the club has won 31 trophies since the day that Messi debuted with Catalans. Additionally, the ‘little magician’ has led the national team to three consecutive finals in the World Cup 2014 and Copa America finals in 2015 and 2016. However, the failure of Lionel Messi to win a single trophy with the national team has haunted him in his entire career. The comparison with the legend Diego Maradona, last Argentina’s captain who won the World Cup, has been proved very stressful for Messi. A few weeks ago, Barcelona’s superstar revealed at  the world’s desire to see Argentina and Messi to win the World Cup in Russia.

“I have seen everywhere how many people want it to also be a good World Cup for me, that there is a desire to see me win it”.
“The truth is that it has struck me, that in any part of the world they are waiting for Argentina to become the champions and for it to be given to me, it is impressive.”

This last statement of Messi demonstrates how many football fans around the world who support the ‘little magician’ want to see their favourite footballer to win the best trophy in football.

The upcoming World Cup is probably the last chance for Leo to win it, as he turns at  31 years old in the 24th of June. This tournament can be the most enthralling chapter in his football career and be the best of all time. So, it is now or never for Messi.

Neymar: An eternal talent or a real leader?

Neymar is one of the most questionable players in the world. He has an indisputable talent, but he lacks maturity and leadership skills. He has never proved the extravagant publicity around his name and more importantly about his potential to become the best player in the world, winning one Ballon d’Or.

He left Barcelona to escape from the shadow of Lionel Messi and lead Paris Saint Germain to win the Champions League. However, he failed to help the French club in the first game against Real Madrid, then he injured seriously, and he was out for three months. Now he returned and against Croatia he showed why Brazil is the first favourite to win the World Cup. They have a variety of skilful players in all lines, from the goalkeeper until the attack and Neymar is in a perfect condition, ready to prove he is a real leader and not only a talented player with excellent dribbling skills. Neymar needs an amazing performance in a competition like World Cup to retrieve his position in the elite of football. At the age of 26, he has a great opportunity to start playing his best football, write his history and be the next national hero of Brazil.

The World Cup in Russia will be crucial for Messi and Neymar. Inevitably, the history of football rewards the winners. If Messi wants to be remembered as the best player in history, he has to win the World Cup with Argentina. On the same wavelength, if Neymar wants to be on the top, he has to lead either his club or his country in the glory. Who will succeed in the upcoming tournament? In few days the journey in the world of football begins.



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