Moving into the last month of this disappointing season in Premier League, Manchester United should think about a major issue for the following summer: What will happen with David De Gea?

The Spanish goalkeeper is considered as the best player for Manchester United this season, and he has been linked several times with a transfer to Real Madrid. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and his value in the transfer market is approximately 60€ million. However, the big dilemma for Manchester United is how to replace David De Gea this summer. From the football perspective, to buy another excellent goalkeeper such as Marc-Andre Ter Stegen or Hugo Lloris will be pointless because David De Gea is in a perfect condition. But from the financial perspective, the Spanish goalkeeper can be very lucrative for the United’s budget which has been indeed “suffered”  in the last five seasons due to numerous expensive transfers.

The following table demonstrates United’s revenues and expenses from the last seven summer transfer periods.

Manchester United Summary of expenses Summary of revenues
Season 2017/18 164,40 mill. € 11,50 mill. €
Season 2016/17 185,00 mill. € 47,15 mill. €
Season 2015/16 156,00 mill. € 102,07 mill. €
Season 2014/15 193,35 mill. € 49,29 mill. €
Season 2013/14 77,13 mill. € 1,8 mill. €
Season 2012/13 76,45 mill. € 10,88 mill. €
Season 2011/12 62,30 mill. € 14,47 mill. €
911,63 mill. € 237,16 mill. €


Apparently, the difference between revenues and expenses is very high, and a potential sale of David De Gea can increase the budget of the Red Devils significantly. According to Sky, Jose Mourinho revealed one month ago that the Spanish goalkeeper would remain at Old Trafford in the next season.

Consequently, this summer is very crucial for Jose Mourinho because the sale of David De Gea will affect on the potential arrivals at Old Trafford as well as the club’s budget. If United still spend so much money on “star” players without selling some of their best players like De Gea or Marcus Rashford, then the club may face financial problems in the future. Although the revenues from Premier League and TV have been increased dramatically, the club’s budget is being decreased year by year. Thus, Manchester United is in front of a big dilemma: To keep the best goalkeeper in the world and invest more money on the squad or to sell him at a high price and forward Sergio Romero as a first goalkeeper.


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