Will Paulo Dybala leave Juventus in January?

Paulo Dybala is a core player of Juventus’ successful last seasons in Serie A. His versatile and flexible attacking skills are exceptional and unique. He is 25 years old, and year after year he improves his abilities and strengths significantly. However, in the first games of the season, Dybala is on the bench. Recently Allegri claimed at Sportal.it that there is no problem among him and Dybala.

“Dybala is not a problem; it would not have it. At this moment others deserve to play more than him, tonight I needed physicality, as they are outside Bernardeschi and Douglas Costa. There are so many games, the season is long “. 

– Allegri –

Paulo Dybala
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Why is Dybala not a starter?

Football World investigates the current situation between Paulo Dybala and Juventus. The main reason behind the poor start of the season for “La Joya” is Cristiano Ronaldo. The transfer of the Portuguese striker was the most fundamental issue for Vecchia Signora during the summer. The former legend of Real Madrid and the best all-time goalscorer in the Champions League signed for Juventus with one particular reason: To win the Champions League (read more). Most people believed that Ronaldo along with Dybala would create an unstoppable duo on Juventus’ attacking line. However, this situation is hard to be accomplished. The Portuguese superstar is 33 years old, and in the last three years, he has moved from the wings to a central forward.

Paulo DybalaRemarkably, the major problem to combine Ronaldo and Dybala is the absence of world-class midfielders. Apart from Pjanic who is a deep-lying playmaker, Khedira, Can and Matuidi are great fighters but no creative midfielders. So, Allegri uses three midfielders to cover the gaps of non-creativity with physicality, force and pressure. Indeed, in a formation of 4-3-3 Allegri cannot use Dybala and Ronaldo simultaneously, and thus Argentinian has been benched.

The rumours regarding the future of Dybala.

The owner of Palermo, Maurizio Zamparini, talked to RMC Sport about Juventus’ superstar Paulo Dybala. He revealed that the Argentinian striker would probably leave Juventus on January due to his limited playing time.

“He’ll leave because Juventus want to get €120m. In January I think he’ll leave, for Spain. He has offers in Spain and England.”

– Maurizio Zamparini –

Paulo Dybala





Source: www.football-italia.net

Dybala is the future, Ronaldo is the present.

Zamparini used these words as a tocsin to warn Juventus about Dybala’s future. The Argentinian striker is a world-class attacker with superb potential. Several clubs like Real Madrid or Manchester United will be very happy to sign Paulo Dybala in January. The Argentinian wants to peak his potential by winning major trophies like Champions League.

Moreover, playing in Premier League or La Liga will undoubtedly improve his skills, profile and value. Thus, Allegri should find a formula to exploit Dybala along with Ronaldo in case to keep “La Joya” in Turin. Dybala is the future of the Vecchia Signora to retain its dominance in Serie A for years. Sooner or later, Allegri will show how much he counts on Dybala.