Mauro Icardi is one of the best strikers in the world. He is 25 years old; he is the leader and the captain of Inter Milan. Icardi leads the team in the second place of Serie A just 6 points behind Juventus and two behind Napoli. Even if they won’t win Serie A this season, Icardi is capable of fighting along with his teammates until the end of the season for Scudetto.

The system of Luciano Spalletti has one summit: The exploitation of Icardi’s goal-scoring abilities. The investment on wing backs like Versaljo and Asamoah shows the wish of Spalletti to feed Mauro Icardi variously. His versatile style, his instinct in front of the net and his leader personality have led him to be regarded as one of the top strikers in European football. His last goal against Milan in Serie A was a proof that he can be determinant in crucial games as well.

Mauro Icardi
Highlight of Icardi’s goal at Inter’s victory against Milan with 1-0 in the 90th minute (Source: Tuttosport)

The comparison of Mauro Icardi with other strikers

The following table illustrates the average rating of the top strikers so far this season. Mauro Icardi is on a top form, and his contribution to Inter Milan is exceptional.    

Names Average Rating
Mauro Icardi 7.11
Robert Lewandowski 7.08
Harry Kane 7.41
Luis Suarez 7.36
Roberto Firmino 6.94
Diego Costa 6.69
Edinson Cavani 7.57
Karim Benzema 7.07


Mauro Icardi is on the 4th place with the best average rating of the attackers mentioned above.

Inter Milan has a tradition on top strikers. Ronaldo, Recobba, Adriano, Ibrahimovic, Eto’o and Icardi are the best strikers of Inter Milan in the last 15 years. However, Mauro Icardi is a different story.

The conjunction between the Argentinian striker and Inter’s fans was controversial. In 2016 Icardi was one step away from San Siro due to his statements against Inter’s ultras. Additionally, the fans demanded Icardi to leave the captaincy, but Mauro never left it. Afterwards, Icardi led Inter to the Champions League group stage and last season he scored 29 goals in Serie A. His rivalry with Inter’s fans may help him to be associated with the club’s values significantly. His passionate personality is vital for a club like Inter Milan with a strong fan base. The future in the club’s attack is bright, and Spalletti seems ready to exploit Icardi’s abilities to lead Inter Milan to the success. 


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