Manchester City vs Liverpool

Leroy Sane’s 72nd-minute strike proved decisive as Manchester City reinvigorated their title defence, and ended Liverpool’s unbeaten Premier League run with a crucial 2-1 win at Etihad Stadium. Liverpool was unlucky not to take the lead when a defensive mixed-up between Stones and Ederson followed Sadio Mane hitting the post, but they survived and they got the win after a dramatic derby.

The game between Manchester City vs Liverpool has passed, and Football World demonstrates three important messages from the above-mentioned derby:

Aguero’s vital contribution on the big occasion…again

It is difficult to be surprised by Aguero these days, given how impressive he has been at this level for so many years, but his goal on Thursday was his 37th against the ‘big six’ in the Premier League since 2011-12. The following image from Opta, illustrates Aguero’s achievements against the ‘big six’.

Manchester City vs Liverpool

Harry Kane is closest to him with 21 goals. There really is no one else like him in England in terms of effectiveness in the big games. The win also gives City much-needed momentum and halts the relentless charge of Liverpool, who would have gone nine points clear of Tottenham and 10 ahead of City with a win.

Lovern was targeted by Pep Guardiola

It was plain to see for much of the match that Lovren was identified by City as Liverpool’s weak link. He picked up an early yellow card and was then caught on his heels by Aguero for his goal. In a game of this magnitude, there is not much coming back from that. Certainly, Pep Guardiola’s orders were to play fast and quicker football on Liverpool’s defensive weakness, which is Lovren’s inability to catch fast attackers.

Salah’s poor record against the top-six

Mohammed Salah is the protagonist of Liverpool in the last 2 years. Inevitably, his development under the instructions of Jurgen Klopp is impressive. If Liverpool wins the title, Salah will be the hero of Reds for years. However, his contribution against the top-six clubs is disappointing. He has only scored just one goal in seven games against the Premier League’s current top six sides.

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