The ‘Magician’ Luca Modric terminated the supremacy of Messi-Ronaldo.

Luka ModricThe Croatian midfielder was awarded the best player in the world at the Best FIFA Football Awards in London. The third consecutive Champions League title, as well as his World Cup campaign, were crucial for Luka to win this award. Remarkably, the pinnacle was the World Cup final in Russia, where Luka Modric was close to winning the most important trophy in football. However, his performance was magnificent, and thus he was the best player in World Cup 2018.

Total justice of football.

The FIFA gala was tended to be a clumsy conference in the last years. Ronaldo and Messi were the two dominants of these awards in the past decade. Indisputably, they are both two of the best players in football history. However,  the winners of “The Best” were mostly based on the statistics, goals and assists. Football is not only statistical data on players’ performances. Football is beauty and finesse. You can acquire world recognition without scoring 40 or 50 goals per season. Iniesta and Modric are the most typical examples of why there are millions of football fans worldwide.

Football World believes that the award of Luka Modric is the justice of today’s football. Ronaldo and Messi are two legends of the game. But winning all individual trophies each season, the FIFA conferences were unreliable. The notorious “Perdon Andres” from The France Football to Iniesta a few months ago shows the unreliability of individual awards. Fortunately, the injustice with Iniesta in 2010, and with Frank Ribery in 2013 stopped, and Modric won what he deserved. posted an impressive photo which shows the journey of Luka Modric in his entire football career. The following photo portrays that hard work, dedication and belief are vital to achieve your personal goals in football.

The lack of respect and humility from Messi and Ronaldo.

The Argentinian and Portuguese super-star did not participate on the FIFA gala for personal reasons. Lionel Messi was not in the best trio of the season with zero possibilities to win “The Best” award. Ronaldo after his failure to win the “UEFA Player of the Year” award he may know the result of FIFA’s gala. However, the issue the lack of respect not only to Modric but generally in football.

This is the extreme difference between traditional football and modern football. Messi and Ronaldo have both won every individual trophy in their career and 5 Ballons d’Or each one. But football is moving forward, and a new generation of top players exist. Modric is the justice that Iniesta, Xavi, Ribery etc. never received due to the marketing of today’s football. Messi and Ronaldo are the best players in the last ten years in total, but no every season. And for this season Luka Modric deserved to win this award due to his valuable contribution both for Real Madrid and Croatia.

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