The season 2018/2019 in Premier League has started as it was expected: Liverpool will fight immensely to return on the top.

The goal for Liverpool this season is to win the Premier League (read more). The time has come after 28 years, and everybody in Merseyside believes it. The passion, the desire and the craving are apparent on players’ eyes during each game. However, winning the Premier League title is a complex case. Consistency, differentiation and superiority are three particular factors which lead to glory. Thus, Football World examines how the factors mentioned above will decide the winner of Premier League this season.

The selection between Premier League and Champions League.

The high level of competitiveness around English football has been developed over the last decades. Premier League clubs focus to a greater extent on the domestic league rather than in European competitions. Thereby, this is the main reason behind the superiority of Spanish clubs in European competitions (read more). Liverpool is the most successful Premier League club in European competitions with five Champions League titles. Inevitably, Klopp should focus on winning the Premier League title, because it is hard to fight for all titles in today’s football. Consistency is the key element to win the Premier League, and it is a result of setting a target.

As Matt Ladson wrote on, if you ask Liverpool fans they will prefer to win Premier League over Champions League. The opposite issue happens with Manchester City fans who will undoubtedly choose to win the European title. This phenomenon may be another advantage for Klopp to exploit during the season. Manchester City and Liverpool have different goals this season. The point for Liverpool is to choose how much they will emphasise on Champions League in the knockout matches. For example, against Paris Saint Germain Klopp used his best squad. Let’s see how the team will be affected, three days before the home game against Southampton.

Differentiation among others.

The thorough analysis of the club’s strength and weaknesses is a core aspect to differentiate in today’s football. Thus, Jurgen Klopp hired a specialist coach named Thomas Gronnemark to improve Liverpool’s throw-ins during the match. Thomas will teach Liverpool wing players the secret of his “Long Throw Academy”. He is the world record holder for the longest ever throw-in over 56 yards.

According to, Liverpool has an average of 50 throw-ins per game. However, Klopp’s players were losing the ball possession considerable easily after those throw-ins. So, Klopp explained the reason to hire Thomas Gronnemark:

“Rather than encouraging a long-throw, Gronnemark has been advising on the most effective way of using the restart to trigger attacks, and also how to avoid putting teammates under pressure when in their own half”.


The secret behind this transfer is the differentiation and therefore the perfection of Liverpool’s performances. The more you rectify your weaknesses, the better results you will gain. Regaining the ball possession after throw-ins were one of Liverpool’s core weaknesses last season. If Thomas and Klopp improve it and Liverpool minimises its mistakes significantly, then the Premier League title will come closer to Anfield.  

Superiority against the rest of the top-six.

Historically, Liverpool presents excellent results against the rest of the top-six clubs. Consequently, this season they have to sustain this tradition to return to the top of Premier League.

The following table demonstrates the superiority of Manchester City against the rest of the top-six last season:

Manchester City Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Tottenham
Home 5-0 2-3 1-0 3-1 4-1
Away 4-3 1-2 0-1 0-3 1-3


Manchester City won 8 out of 10 games against the clubs as mentioned earlier. Pep Guardiola’s team dominated against all their opponents last season. This is a great bet for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool. To become with no doubt the best team in Premier League for this season by winning their biggest rivals.

The ideal season to return on the top.

Liverpool seems to have all the necessary ingredients to win the Premier League. Football World investigates the main factors that will lead Liverpool to the glory. The start is sensational with five wins. Let’s see what Liverpool can do for the rest of the season.


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