In his recent interview in the Catalunya Radio, Lionel Messi talked about several aspects around Barcelona. He also commented on the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Football World is going to analyse in a nutshell the thoughts of Lionel Messi around the departure of his rival.

Lionel Messi during his interview at Catalunya Radio:

lionel messi interview

Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world, and they have a great squad [but] it’s evident that the absence of Ronaldo makes them less good and makes Juventus [one of the] clear favourites to win the Champions League. It surprised me [when he left]. I didn’t imagine him leaving Madrid or joining Juventus. There were a lot of teams that wanted him. It surprised me, but he has gone to a very good team.”


Is there a real favourite in September?

Lionel Messi believes that Ronaldo is the major reason why Real Madrid has won three consecutive Champions League trophies. And now he considers that Juventus is a great favourite to win the Champions League this season. Indisputably, Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time goal scorer of this competition, and he certainly transferred to Juventus to win this trophy. Additionally, Barcelona signed Arturo Vidal to reinforce their physical power in the midfield line. Lionel Messi has expressed his desire to bring the Champions League title back to Camp Nou (read here). This is the principal goal of Barcelona this season, especially after the humiliating exclusion last season from Roma.

Thus, Juventus and Barcelona remain two of the top favourites to win the Champions League this season. However, it is hard to predict the winner or the finalists from September. No one can assure which club will be in perfect condition on the knockout matches. Clubs will face injuries, tiredness or players’ low performances. In other words, who was expected Croatia to reach the World Cup final? Nobody.

Due to this reason, there are numerous clubs capable to win the Champions League this season, and Football World has analysed them. Sooner or later, the clubs will show us which of them deserves to win this trophy in Madrid in June.


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