Krzysztof Piatek is the utmost surprise of this season in Serie A. His first impressive half-season with Genoa, led AC Milan’s sporting director Leonardo to spend €35m to sign him. Piatek is considered as the new Lewandowski of the European football due to two important reasons: Statistics and his style.

The following image from Transfermarkt illustrates why everybody in Italy talks about Piatek:


Krzysztof Piatek: A complete striker

Krzysztof Piatek is a natural goalscorer. The Polish centre-forward is comfortable finishing with both feet and with his head. His start at Genoa, with seven goals, is a testament to that. He’s scored with both feet so far this season. The goals come as volleys from crosses run in-behind or quick-reaction finishes in the penalty area. This understanding and technique make him a handful for every defender.

Added to that is his aerial quality. His heading ability and strength makes him a constant threat from crosses. His consistency in scoring with every possible way is amazing. The picture below indicates the above statement:


Krzysztof Piatek is a strong, versatile forward with a great goal scoring instinct. He is capable to achieve the maximum potential in his career. However, consistency is the most important factor to be the new Lewandowski as well as to avoid harmful injuries. So far, he is exceptional and he leads Milan to the Champions League. 6 goals in 5 games with Rossoneri, and the club reached the 4th place in Serie A. Gonzalo Higuain scored 5 goals in 15 games with Milan, which shows the fast involvement of Piatek into the club.


Krzysztof Piatek’s has been fantastic this season and he seems capable of developing into a superb centre-forward. The future is extremely bright for the Polish 23-year-old and Milan must be delighted with their new signing. Considering the quality of the two Polish strikers Lewandowski and Milik, Piatek is the 3rd world-class Polish striker now. Let’s see what Piatek can do in the near future with Milan.