Watching Hamburger SV in the last years, there is one indisputable fact in German football: Hamburger SV NEVER dies. Even if the club lacks a successful transfer policy or effective managerial decisions, in the last round of Bundesliga Hamburger SV finds the way to save a seemingly terrible season.

Now Hamburger SV has 28 points after the last victory against fellow strugglers Wolfsburg, and they still have reasons for hope as the relegation looms. That was the third victory of the previous four games for HSV, and the club is now close to save one more season in the end. The graph below shows the final ranking of Hamburger SV in the last five years.  

Final ranking of the last 5 years


Apparently, the club fights for its survival in Bundesliga at least in the 4 out of 5 last years. Instability is one of the critical problems of the club. The absence of long-term goals and the numerous mistakes of last seasons regarding the transfers, have led Hamburger SV to these poor performances. Remarkably, the club has changed 16 head coaches in the last decade. Therefore the club lacks stability and a systematic strategic plan.

Hamburger SV is the only German club that has never been relegated from the Bundesliga. In the north-west corner of Volksparkstadion (see the image below), a digital display reminds the club’s constant participation since the Bundesliga was founded in 1963.

The clock at Volksparkstadion counts the exact time of the club’s existence in Bundesliga

If HSV succeeds in avoiding the relegation this season, it would be one of the best achievements in its history. According to, the club had 17 points in the 24th round of the league, and the survival was more than a miracle. However, as it was mentioned before, HSV never dies. Somehow the club finds the way to come back when everybody else believes it is dead. There are two more rounds in Bundesliga, and HSV has to win both games and wait for a combination of results to achieve their goal. Although these are two crucial games for their history, the club should do significant changes in the summer and prioritise their aims. If the club continues to fight for its survival every year, then the relegation will come inevitably. The last two matches will significantly determine the strategy during the summer period as well as the changes in the club’s football management.

UPDATE: 15/05/2018

HSV defeat against Eintracht with 3-0 two weeks ago was crucial in order to avoid the relegation to 2. Bundesliga. Hamburger SV lost the train of Bundesliga, and after 54 years the Bundesliga-Dino was relegated. It was an indisputable phenomenon that the club’s management was unsuccessful, but this has to be changed definitely. HSV is a historic club in Germany, and the owners need to take effective decisions to return in the Bundesliga as soon as possible and to be protagonists. This relegation may be very beneficial for the club if there is a clear management and strategy for the future.