The new season in Champions League has started, and Football World analyses thoroughly what we can anticipate from the top clubs.

“The groups of death.”

The Champions League of 2018/2019 will surely impress football fans around the world by its starting date. Spectacular fights between the best clubs and players will keep us in suspense during the season. Specifically, the groups A, B, C and H are the most balanced and impressive at the same time. A quick view on the names of the groups mentioned below, explains the high expectations of this season. Indeed, the spectacle will be commensurate with the quality and value of these clubs.

Champions League draw


The focus on the domestic league for Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Real Madrid is the dominant club of Champions League, especially with the three consecutive titles. A bias in favour of winning the Champions League led the Merengues to the failure of winning the La Liga in the last seasons. One title in the last six seasons is a total failure for the capital club, and this season the focus is to win La Liga unquestionably. It is time for Real Madrid to hand over the sceptre to other favourites in Champions League. The same situation may happen with Liverpool, the finalist of the Champions League final in Kiev. The Reds has not won the Premiership since the season 1989/1990, and inevitably they will focus to win the Premier League title. Jurgen Klopp signed Becker Alisson to reinforce his defence extremely. Furthermore, he signed Keita, Fabinho and Saqiri for a more in-depth quality on Liverpool’s bench to cope with the tough upcoming season.

The preference to win the Champions League over the domestic league.


In contrast, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Manchester City are four clubs which will concentrate on Champions League this season. Barcelona won this trophy on 2014/2015 for the last time, and since then their biggest rivals Real Madrid has won three European titles in a row. Recently Lionel Messi admitted the primary goal of Barcelona this season.

“Previous season we couldn’t win the Champions League, but we promise that this year we will do everything to get the trophy back to the Camp Nou”.

– Lionel Messi –


Champions League - Messi

Lionel Messi was clear. Let’s see if he can lead Barcelona to the glory.

Atletico Madrid

The Champions League final this season will take place in Wanda Metropolitano, the stadium of Atletico Madrid. This reason is adequate for Diego Simeone to focus on the Champions League and win it for the first time. The following image demonstrates the financial excess of the club on the summer transfer window.


The current squad of Atletico Madrid is the most expensive compared to the last nine years. The club invested a lot of money, Diego Simeone has skilful players, and the goal is definite.


Juventus is the club with most lost finals in Champions League (seven out of nine). It is the hard-luck loser of this competition, and the principal aim this year is to win the Champions League. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo indicates the intention of Vecchia Signora to win this trophy eventually. Indeed, this is what Ronaldo said in his presentation from Juventus:

“I’m here to help Juventus finally win Champions League.”

– Cristiano Ronaldo –


  Champions League - Ronaldo

The focus for Juventus is European success, while in Serie A they have won seven titles in a row. Cristiano Ronaldo is the leader, Bonucci returned to strengthen the defence and Juventus is ready to reach another Champions League final.

Manchester City

Manchester City is the club that played the most spectacular football last season in Europe. They won the Premier League quite easily, the league cup and they qualified until the quarterfinals in Champions League. However, the club needs to win a European title to reach the elite of European clubs. Pep Guardiola won his last Champions League in the season 2010/2011 in Wembley. At the same time, Manchester City has never reached a Champions League final. These two significant reasons point to the main goal of Manchester City this season. Moreover, none of the Manchester City’s players has won this trophy, so it is a great challenge for them to bring this trophy in Manchester.

The motivation will decide the winner.

Nowadays, due to the high competitiveness in football, clubs should focus pretty much on one competition over another one. Especially, the top clubs which play more than 60 matches per season, it is impossible to succeed in all titles. The penchant in the domestic league or European competitions is a crucial issue for all teams. Due to this reason, Football World investigated the incentives of the top clubs for the upcoming Champions League.

Which team do you think will win the trophy this season? Feel free to share your comments below.


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