The name of Alvaro Morata is at the forefront in one more transfer window. The 26-year-old striker is close to a loan transfer at Atletico Madrid, after the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain from Milan to Chelsea. This domino of transfers will affect Alvaro Morata, who disappoints Maurizio Sarri with his poor performances this season.

Alvaro Morata: His inability to remain on the top

The case of Alvaro Morata is very controversial. Indisputably, the Spanish striker is a skilful, modern and a versatile central forward capable to score with the head and both feet. However, the major problem is his personality. He seems unable to fell confident for himself during one season, especially when he cannot score in consecutive games. In other words, we can call Alvaro Morata as a competent but hesitant wonder kid, inadequate to reach his potential. Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sarri could not trust Morata as a starter in various games. The reason has been introduced by Tom Gott at “Chelsea need a ready-made superstar instead of a wonder kid striker”.


Unfortunately, Alvaro Morata fails to prove himself as a goal-scorer machine. He reacts like a young kid who has everything in his life, but he believes that this is not enough. In the season, 2016/17 he won La Liga and Champions League, but he was fussy because Benzema was the main starter. The following picture from shows the numbers of Alvaro Morata at Real Madrid, and the first question may be: How Alvaro Morata was invaluable at Real Madrid with 43 appearances and 20 goals?


The last chance of Alvaro Morata

If the loan transfer at Atletico Madrid be confirmed, Morata will have one more chance to remain on the elite of strikers. The serious injury of Diego Costa, and the loneliness of Antoine Griezmann, is a great chance for Alvaro Morata to return on a good form and score numerous goals. The system of Diego Simeone supports strikers with the abilities of Morata, and along with Griezmann they can both lead Atletico to win the Champions League which is the fundamental goal for Rojiblancos.